Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valve


  • Material: CF8, CF8M, WCB
  • Size: DN15-DN200
  • Design Standard: API608/6D, DIN3357-2 EN12516-1 ASME B16.34
  • Pressure: PN16/25/40
  • Flange Stanndard: ASME B16.5, EN1092-1, JIS B2220
  • Planes Distance: ASME B16.10, EN558-1, JISB2002
  • Test Stanndard: API598, EN12266-1, JIS B2003


  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Fire-safe, Anti-static
  • Seats with resilient seal

Cast steel float ball valve structure characteristics

Fire-proof structure design

The valve body and the valve cover are sealed with o-ring and gasket seals. When the fire occurs, the o-ring burns out and the graphite wound gasket is kept sealed. The valve stem is sealed in o-ring + graphite packing. When the fire occurs, the o-ring burns out and the graphite packing is sealed to ensure that the shell is not leaking.

In case of fire, all nonmetallic seals are burnt out, seat support ring in contact with ball, realizes the seat and ball metal to metal seal, seat back and body seal is O ring + packing seal, When a fire occurs, the O-ring burns out and fails, but the braided graphite remains sealed, effectively ensuring that the medium will not leak in large quantities.

Fire-proof structure design

Flanged ball valve Seat Material

Seat MaterialSeat MaterialTmax
PTFEHigh corrosion resistance, good self – lubrication and wear resistance, easy to cold flow.160℃
RPTFEPTFE+15%GFResistance to creep, low coefficient of friction, resistance to chemical corrosion, good insulation.180℃
PTFE+15%CFHigh strength, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, small coefficient of thermal
TFM1600Under high temperature and high pressure, shape denaturation is smaller, permeability is smaller, pressure recovery is better under high temperature, corrosion resistance is high.180℃
TFM4215Smaller deformation and permeability under high temperature and high pressure, better stress recovery under high temperature, excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, low friction coefficient.180℃
PPLHigh temperature resistance, high strength, radiation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good self-lubrication performance.220℃
PEEKHigh temperature, high pressure, high strength, chemical resistance to PTFE.260℃

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