Company Culture

Business philosophy

Moving forward humbly on the great road of the world to achieve an exquisite Grande-Tek.

Only modest, low-key, pragmatic, and steady can we go far, and we can make a long-term accumulation with concentration and steady development.

Instead of pursuing large-scale, our focus is on small and refined development, and being smart because of “fine”, take the road of differentiated development and build the foundation of trust with professional and dedicated achievements.


Create a safer and greener flow world, support all employees and their families to bloom a happy life.

We are committed to scientific and technological innovation and progress in the field of fluid control. Through every “small step” of Grade-Tek, we promote the world’s fluid control field to safe, green and low-carbon. Love our employees, rely on our employees, reward our employees. Adhering to the family culture which is “helping each other and loving each other” to make every employee grow and gain happiness and realize self-worth while accompanying the development of Grande-Tek, and let all families live a happy life.


We strive to stand side by side with the world’s top fluid control companies and become a century enterprise

Adhere to the sustainable development strategy, pursue a shared and win-win business spirit, keep having a direction in our eyes and strength at our feet, and contribute the Grande-Tek’s value to the world’s fluid control field.


  • Diligent&Innovative

  • Trustworthy&Humble

  • Benevolent&Righteous

Be calm and pragmatic, be diligent for the proper business. Working hard for consistent progress and innovation.

Be sincere and trustworthy, keep conscience clear. Be modest and humble, and kind.

Be generous to others, love and help each other. Value the justices, and be right-minded


Brighten the Future, Benefit the World

The development of Grande-Tek is based on the way of open and aboveboard, so that we can go further and be well-known all over the world with noble virtues.