Heating pipe network generally problems

The heating pipe network is often buried underground. In order to control the valve, a tall valve well needs to be built. Rain or snow water will flush the garbage into the valve well. These garbage will produce a large amount of harmful gas in the well. Personal injury may occur when an operator enters the valve well to operate the valve. Bursts of pipes and valves can also injure operators.

Due to construction, welding, corrosion and other reasons, there are often debris in the heating pipe network. When the medium flows, these debris will be carried to wash the valve sealing structure, causing damage to the sealing surface of the valve and causing the valve to not close tightly, and closing the valve becomes a decoration.

The connection between ordinary valves and pipelines requires flanges, screws, and gaskets. The connection between valves and pipelines wastes a lot of material resources, which is not conducive to the global environment and energy saving and emission reduction.

Advantages of fully welded ball valves used in heating pipe network

  1. Fully welded ball valves can be directly buried into the ground, no need to build a tall valve well, greatly saves construction costs, and also can avoid injury to personnel when operating the valve.
  2. When the fully welded ball valve is opened, the valve ball completely surrounds the valve seat, and even if there are impurities in the medium, the sealing surface between the valve seat and the valve ball cannot be washed. Due to this special structure, the valve body has the same service life as the pipeline.
  3. In the closed welded ball valve, the static medium will damage the ball and the sealing valve seat. In the process of opening the valve, the ball will scrape off the debris deposited when the medium is static. There is a spring compensation under the valve seat to compensate for changes in pressure and temperature, ensuring that there will be no leakage.
  4. The valve is directly welded to the pipeline, which saves flanges, screws and gaskets when connecting the valve, and saves a lot of material resources in the global environment of energy saving and emission reduction.
  5. The fully welded ball valve is better than the butterfly valve. When the medium is flowing, the debris in the medium will wash the butterfly valve disc, causing damage to the disc and causing the valve to close loosely; The fully welded ball valve is better than the gate valve, except that the medium debris wash the sealing surface, causing damage to the sealing surface and making the closure not tight. When the medium is static, the debris in the medium will accumulate in the valve gate groove, causing the gate to not close properly and the valve to close loosely.
  6. Light weight and beautiful appearance make the appearance of the supporting equipment more exquisite and easy to keep warm.
  7. Due to the special structure, the valve has a long service life and is guaranteed for 20 years under normal use.