Quadruple quality assurance

Excellent staff

More than 20 years’ trials and hardships, we have created a well-qualified staff team. We have more than 150 technical employees and 3 senior engineers, ensuring strong technical research and development capabilities and providing the most foundation for the perfect quality products.

Strong hardware facility guarantee

We have more than 200 CNC lathes, machining centers, robotic arms and other various processing equipment and more than 100 special machines, equipped with advanced spectrometers, chemical analyzers, metallographic microscopes, hardness testers, universal material testing machines, test presses , And introduced projector, roundness meter, roughness meter and three-coordinate measuring instrument from Japan (MITUTOYO). In addition to those, we also have valve life tester, fire-resistant test platform and other advanced testing equipment.

Internal quality management system

The company has set up a quality assurance department to organize the planning, implementation, supervision and review of the company’s internal quality management system to ensure the full, continuous and effective operation of the ISO9001 quality management system in the company. The department has formulated quality manual, procedure documents, quality plan/SOP and Quality records and other quality management system documents enable various quality activities to be carried out in an orderly manner. At the same time, all employees have rules and laws to follow, so that every production link is under rigorous and scientific quality control.

Specialized quality controller

Set up a specialized quality controller at the production site. Applying the method of process control, from the purchase of raw materials, contract review, product production, finished product delivery to after-sales service, the entire process quality control is implemented, especially the key process is strictly controlled, and the key parameters of the product are 100% inspected. All testing data is entered into the database, which is convenient for query and traceability to ensure that unqualified products are not allowed to enter the next process.

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